The new Rolex oyster perpetual watch Greenwich II

The launch of the new Rolex oyster perpetual watch Greenwich II, red and blue color collocation Cerachrom ring, and in 1955 the original high-tech replica watches uk classic aesthetics in a body. It has been considered that the combination of the color can not be made of ceramic, so the appearance of the table can be described as a dream come true. The new red and blue Cerachrom word circle is a big achievement in the technology and aesthetics of Rolex. By Rolex research and development of patent circle production process, made a piece with two colors of the word circle. The design and the first Greenwich type and Greenwich type II watch the traditional double color ring echoes. In addition, the word innovation circles at the same time the two results, first of all, the production of red pottery word ring itself is very difficult, then it should adjust the chemical composition of each process, from inside to outside, the half circle the words changed from red to blue, and two colors also need contrast. rolex replica Cerachrom word circle came out in 2005, with a strong anti scratch, anti corrosion performance, even by UV irradiation does not fade. Its surface after the diamond polishing, emitting long-lasting luster. The 24 hour mark on the ceramic circle is filled with a layer of platinum film by PVD (Vapour Deposition Physical, physical vapor deposition) coating technology. Greenwich II 40 mm oyster watchcase waterproof to a depth of 100 meters (330 feet), is a model of strong elegant, perfect proportion. A unique 18 CT white gold case, set up by replica watches foundry casting. Triangular pit bottom cover by Rolex watchmaker to brand exclusive special tools to tighten, completely sealed case. On the list by the Rolex patent three crown three waterproof lock system, firmly screwed on the case, and protected by the middle case and connected to the crown of the shoulder. In addition, the mirror is anti scratch blue crystal manufacturing, a convex lens window in the 3 o'clock position, convenient read date. Waterproof oyster case of Greenwich II is the core of a high degree of precision to provide the best protection.